Logo Design Process

1. Client Briefing / Questionnaire  : First of all talk with the client for some documentation. Inspiration and note down on paper. If the client does not have any info. I have a questionnaire with full set of questions to get the essential information.

2. Mindmapping : Mindmapping is very helpful to me to identify the keypoints and what to add and what features are inported.

3. Sketching. / Paper Pencil work

Next step is the paper and pencil work. adding all the styles that I consider during the mind mapping and create several sketches, and presenting them to the client and communicate regularly with the client and get the feedback for the best one. once we have found the right path.

If client like to spend on unique typography, that makes more unique the logo and stands out from the others, I used to draw things on draft papers and digitize using HUION professional graphic tablet.

4. Mock ups : Mock ups will follow right after the sketches and go for the best color combination / brand colors by presenting color palette.

5. Final File arrangement : Final files arrange according to the client request. Adobe illustrator / PNG transparent / PDF / with favicon.