Stick Figure for QS Marketing

Stick Figure Designs for QS Marketing GmbH ( Approach ?

Request upon from the QS Marketing GmbH, According to the given instruction I followed the existing stickfigure style, Drew some hands, and heads of the existing designed styled to get the familiarity of the style then developed the Figure and First it was drawn on a Drawing Board with a 2B Pencil. (Attached)



After the review they agreed to digitize the design and use the adobe illustrator , Used a Pen type wearing mouse to draw the lining, colored using CMYK default Color Profile.


Final was sent in Illustrator AI and PSD files.

The Finished set of Stick Figures shown below:

StickFigur-1v2 StickFigure_3-v2_colored_final Stick-Figure-2---colored---final Stick-Figure4_Colored_Final Stick-Figure-5---Final-Colored

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