Flyers & Brochures

Wound-Pro-a4_WITH2mm-TrimWound Pro Flyer[Client Burnett Designs - Memphis USA]

Couch Topper Flyer Design [Client Burnett Designs - Memphis USA]
Seven Seas Ginko Max Rx Pad Design + Product Photography


Seven Seas Rx pad Design + Producnt Photography

Evening Primrose Oil Pad_ Front and Back A5 copy

Seven Seas Emulsion_Doctor Detailing

SevenSeas Emulsion_Flyer_back

Seven Seas Folder Design



Financial Freedom Summit FlyerA4_withTrim

4 Fold Brochure with Cartoon Illustratiion – A guide to Diabetese

Print Print

A4 Sized Avestalo Detailing Sheet for Doctors / Print Read Illustrator Design


A5 Size Illustrator Design for Print / Getz Pharma Sri Lanka

A5_Folder Design

Dumries Thursday Event Flyer.

German Language Flyer For construction Company.


Event Flyer -for Pharma Promoters association of Sri Lanka


A4 Size Flyer Prototype before printing, (Before Proof Reading )

Detailed Vector Illustrations Made by Adobe Illustrator, After the initial design I prepare the Adobe illustrator file with Trim Marks and Bleeds.

A recent work with Trim Marks and Bleedlines.