“Really pleased with Jay’s work, attitude and scheduling. I gave him a good outline of what was required but he made several further suggestions that helped improve my ideas even further. His English is good. There were just a few moments when we didn’t fully understand each other. This was overcome easily enough by his continual pro-activity and general attentiveness to the project. (That fact that he never seems to sleep also worked in my favour…!) There were some challenges around transferring the sheer size of the file I needed (over 1.4GB) but he persisted until he found a solution that worked. I will definitely be sending more work his way in the day’s to come.”

- Pad -
Come Alive Success Coaching Ltd – Team Me [London,Bucks, UK]


“Thanks Jay for your excellent work always! The banner and signboard designs are 200% PERFECT!

Response escalation is also wonderful in meeting the project deadline. Definitely, will look for another co-work next time.”

- Rachmat Wibowo – [Singapore]

“Jay did a fantastic job on my graphic designs. I used him repeated beyond the initial scope of work, and will continue to use his skills for future graphic design work when needed.”

- Rui Maximo , MB Inc. USA.

Jay, once again has been very helpful, and completed the deadline.

- Ben Liebich – [BML international, Adelaide, SA, Australia]

Jayanath did a great job for me. Always communicated well, and I’m really pleased with the final product. Don’t hesitate to use him. I certainly will in the future.

- Andy [Logo Design - The Cedar Portfolio]

Jayanath is a real pleasure to work with – his responsiveness, quality of work and overall availability are ALL worthy of the 5 star ratings. I will absolutely be hiring and working with him again. This project, although a small one, was done under a very tight timeline and without as much guidance in the beginning as I would have liked to have provided – he still came through with flying colours and the end result was everything I hoped for.

- Tim Wilson (Canada) [Qikmo & Bluelight Inc]

Excellent design skill
-Kochi (Japan) -

My Efficiency / Productivity

According to rescue time web program my productivity is more than 70%, and I am productive than 73% people